About the Knife

Knife Information

I have designed Balanced Knife set so that you may tailor it to your own food preparation style.

Knives are, of course, among the most ubiquitous and indispensable of kitchen tools. However, chefs have very personal preferences as to blade sizes, weight placement and holding style. Even these will vary as different tasks are done.

The Balanced knife employs a unique, and patented, stainless style weight with a magnetic slider. This allows the weight of the knife to be positioned fore or aft in the handle, providing you with superior control and comfort, and a more efficient workflow.

The sliding weight is easily removeable for washing and may be replaced with a heavier weight, or indeed, be removed entirely, leaving a super-light and agile knife.

I strived for elegance and simplicity in my design and have selected the very highest quality Japanese stainless steel, perfectly honed for supreme cutting performance, and finished in super-tough black chromium.

This is a unique and durable tool.