For a chef that deserves the best kitchen knife set.

Balance knife is custom made to order


Japanese stainless steel with custom weights

The finished blade is Black Chromium non stick honed "Cutting Class" martensitic steel with the handle in forged and machined stainless steel. The weight is magnetically  attached and maybe removed for an alternative weight or indeed slid back or forward to re-balance the chef knife.


stainless steel custom weights

You can order a standard kitchen knife set with recommended weights or may order light or heavy knife set as you prefer.

I use my knives in many ways. The sliding balance means it has a perfect balance all the time. 


Standard 3 blade types available in set

the standard set includes

Utility chef knife and 30gms weight

Santoku chef knife and 40gms weight

Petty chef knife and 20 gms weight

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